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Peter Oakes

Founder of Fintech Ireland and Director of Regulated Firms

Peter a recognised as a leading expert in fintech.  He is listed as a band 1 Fintech consultant by Chambers & Partners 2021 and 2020 who were informed independently by Peter's clients that:

 "Peter is high-profile, he has very strong governance capabilities and is very good for a regulated FinTech company.

"Peter's reputation really helps; he's top of the list of local Dublin-based regulatory consultants"

"his area of expertise is in licensed applications with the Central Bank. He can explain what is required in black and white from the regulator but also what is left unsaid."

"Peter would be my first port of call for any FinTech looking to obtain an e-money licence"


Peter sits on the board of a number of innovative regulated companies, including Susquehanna International (Central Bank of Ireland regulated), TransferMate (CBI regulated), AWM Wealth Advisers (CBI regulated ) ​and Optal Financial Europe (CBI regulated). At these companies Peter serves as either Chairman,  INED and/or Member of Audit and Risk Committees.

Peter is approached to:

serve as non-executive director of regulated companies, particularly fintech particularly at the intersection of regulation.

Lead, manage and advise on complex regulatory applications in payments, emoney, MiFID and Banking across multiple European Union jurisdictions.  {see also

Advise on regulatory supervisory and enforcement issues. (see also

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