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Dr Stephen Spratt 

Expert on financial sector development, green and climate finance

Dr Stephen Spratt is an internationally known expert on financial sector development, green and climate finance, blended finance and the intersection between these issues. He has undertaken numerous influential studies for governments and international institutions, evaluated the performance of major European development finance institutions, and advised governments on related policy. Stephen is a Director at Just Economics, a research consultancy based in Ireland and the UK. He has been a Research Fellow and Head of Green Investment at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), University of Sussex, Head of the Sustainable Markets Group at the International Institute for the Environment and Development (IIED), Chief Economist at the New Economics Foundation (NEF), and a Lecturer in International Finance at the University of Reading. He has also worked in the private sector in the City of London, as Head of Research at Intelligence Capital Limited, Senior Investment Analyst with Global Asset Management and a Visiting Fellow in the Global Research Department at State Street Bank & Trust.

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